The Warm Up
Lite jog over to the Community Center.   Circle up and warm-up with 12 Slow GM, 21 HB, 12 SSH, 12 Windmills, all in cadence.

The Thang
Count-o-rama and then count 1’s/2s. The more-than-adequately-divided groups head over to the parking lot lines. Q called Parking Space Tracer (look it up it is in the Lexicon!!!), letting the groups decide the combo of side-ways, front-ways, and back-ways to run. Then lite run down the street.

Under/over/through the gate, circled up for some merkins, plank-holds, chill cuts with count-offs.

Lite run in formation to the next parking lot and, staying with 1s and 2s setup, had the 1s stay at the top of the parking lot, doing plank jacks, while the two ran the parking lot, performing 3 burpees half way around. Rinse, repeat with ninja squats, and American hammers, increasing burpees to 6 and then 9.

Done with that it is off to the shelter, where we did combos of alternating left right step-up, the dip, urkins, others with the benches staying with some reps of 12 or 21. I obviously need to learn better cadence according to mumble chatter.

Finished with the shelter, lite run in the dark to do some hill work. Again, 1s and 2s, 1s do squat jumps while 2s bear crawl up the hill and do 12 plank-jacks at the top, run back down and switch. Next hill, gorilla climb with 12 star jumps at the top and plank hold while 1s do SSH followed by gorilla climb.

Double formation run, called a DoubleApplesauce: A two-column Indian run to the final intersection for some abs stuff, LBCs, Freddy Mercurys, and for Callahan, hello dolly. Finish with the Billy run!


Nam-a-rama: 2 hates, 3 respects, 11 also-rans
Announcements: MaBell hosting a 2nd F in April…16th.  Wear clean socks.
BOM: Earhart took us out