24 pax for the main event and 6 for the pre-run.

I went with 3 segments at Lourdes yesterday and really liked the concept so decided to do the same today. Keeps the PAX moving and helps the workout go by quicker.

Here is what we did today:

Jog to up to parking lot adjacent to the soccer field

SSH X 20, CDD X 20, Good Mornings X 15, Mountain Climber X 15

Mosey over to Washington st and partner up.


Segment 1:
Catch me if you can around the Washington st loop. 2 loops with 7 hand release merkins when you are tagged.

Plank it out in the warm up parking lot until all PAX return.


Segment 2:

Mosey over to the amphitheater; 1 partner goes down to the picnic table shelter and 1 partner stays in the amphitheater. Picnic table group does 5 pull ups, runs up the hill to the sidewalk and then to the amphitheater. Amphitheater group does 10 Box jumps and heads down to the picnic table for pull ups. Continue loop for 15 minutes


Segment 3:

Mosey over to the base of hamburger hill. 10 Plank Jacks at the bottom/1 Jump Knee Up


-No announcements from what I can remember

-Prayers for a PAX member who’s grandmother will be passing soon


-Great turnout this morning. Thankful for all the PAX that keep me coming back morning after morning.

-One highlight is Au pair pegging Red Card in the back of the head with an exercise ball that was randomly in the amphitheater.

Pleasure to lead




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