Quite an exciting feeling this morning as I pulled up to Lourdes to celebrate my first year in the gloom. Lourdes was the first place I posted one year ago today, and since then I’ve posted at this location the most out all the others. A strong showing of 28 and with 9 or so from my core group that keep me coming back.

In lieu of the event, I decided to bring back some of the most memorable Lourdes sets in the past year.

Clock strikes 5:30, and Epoxy pops out from around his car with a cupcake(1 candle lit) singing me happy birthday. What a way to start the workout.

Here is what we did:

Jog down greenway to the big parking lot down behind the car dealerships
SSH X 20, Mountain Climber X 20, Good Mornings X 15, Plank Jacks X 15
Thang Part 1:

The ENDLESS MERKIN SUICIDE; Vector Victor introduced this to me in my first workout, and I couldn’t finish it. Wanted to prove to myself that I could finish it today

The Light Posts act as the turning points..they are not very close together. For explaining purposes we started in the middle of the lot, at what we’ll call the 0 light. Sprint to +1 light 5 HR merkins, sprint back through 0 to -1 light 6 HR merkins, sprint back to +2 light 7 HR merkins, sprint to -2 light 8 HR merkins, sprint to +3 light 9 HR merkins, sprint to -3 light 10 HR merkins, sprint back to the 0 light and plank it out. Left/Right arm raises and Low Plank holds.

Thang Part Deuce:
Partner Set; This was the first set I did when I had my maiden Lourdes Q.
Partner up and line up at the 0 light. P1 runs down to light +3 and P2 runs down to light -3 and does 5 burpees. Run back and meet your partner in the middle and do 10 partner merkin claps. Run back to ends and do 5 burpees. Meet your partner back in the middle and do 10 partner merkin claps. Total 4 trips to each end and meet back in the middle.
Mosey back to Oxford Rd where the greenway dead ends.
Thang Part 3:
a LOT of mumble chatter when this was announced.
Was a pleasure to lead. Thankful for all of the PAX who keep me coming back. Been an incredible first year in the gloom and hopefully will be blessed to have many more