100 Meters of KB Lunges w/a twist? I figured, when’s the next time I’d Q The Blitz? Bad Idea Jeans – SNL

Mosey to the track for Warmups:

  • KB Groiners X 20
  • Figure 8s X 20
  • Hip 2 Shoulder X 20
  • Suitcase Deadlifts X 16
  • Two handeded swangs X 25
  • Lap @ a fellowship pace
  • Sumo High Pulls X 15
  • One-armeded alternating swangs X 20

Partner up for:

  • Sprint 100M & AMRAP Merkins while partner does the Bataan Death march (KB Lunges w/a twist). Flapjack.
  • Sprint 200M while partner does AMRAP S.LU.Ts (Side lunges w/a tap). Flapjack.
  • Sprint 100M & AMRAP Freddie Mercuries while partner does Farmer’s Carry. Flapjack.

Circle up for:

  • Snatches X 16
  • Goblet Squats X 15

Line up facing bball court for:

  • Plank crawl n’ carry
  • Squat->Press->Tricep Extension combos X 10
  • One-armeded swings-to-Figure-8 combos X 20
  • High Plank Alternating Rows X 20
  • Partner Back up – 1 takes the stairs, the other the rails. Where you meet, do 15 Booyah! merkins.

Mosey to school entrance for Mary:

  • Half Get Ups X 10
  • Crunchy Frog X 15


  • With Good Friday coming up, go to the Arena
  • This Holy Week, attend a service/multiple services of your choice! Friar Tuck has some great options if you’re interested.
  • Cinderella manned up and offered to haul around some kettlebells to help out our friend Cut Me Mick, who is struggling w/some knee issues
  • Prayers were spoken for Mick and those in Brussels impacted by the senseless violence there
  • Sir Fazio led us out with a strong prayer as we recognize our weakness, our penchant for violence and hurt, and how we eagerly await the Resurrection…Easter can’t come soon enough!