Pax: Driftwood, Sawyer, Bushwood, Floyd, Chachi, Assisi, Riggs, Tuco, 2-Ply, Tater Tot, Duff, Mr. Brady, Sweats, FNG 1040, Choo Choo, Troller

Q: Troller

5 for EC which was kind of ridiculous, the details of which shall remain unstated.

Warm-up: A full-perimeter run around the church parking lot, not the usual Chapel Hill shortcut. Then SSH, LB Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, a few other things.


Partner up with someone better looking than you. Partner 1 does Curls while Partner 2 sprints over the river and through the woods and back. Partners switch. Repeat with Overhead Press. Switch. Repeat X2 with Tricep Ext. One runner didn’t follow directions (cough…Riggs), so YHC extended the length of the run portion on sequences 2-3.

Next up, Merkin Pyramid to ten and down again followed by Low Plank Hold for a ten count during which mumble chatter ensued.

Then, partner up again. Partner 1 bear crawls over a hill and back while Partner 2 does Squats with coupon. Switch. Repeat x2 with a sequence of Sideways Bear Crawls over hill and back and Jump Lunge with coupon. More mumble chatter.

Double-time mozy to stairs for Little Baby Erkin Pyramid to 5, followed by 25-count Dips.

Double-time mozy back to coupons for an overhead carry jog on a circuitous route back to coupons’ resting positions.

Mary consisted of far too many LBCs (very capably led by Bushwood), American Hammers (by the indefatigable Sweats), and Flutter Kicks (by the one and only Choo Choo).


Prayer concerns: Many unstated

YHC closed in prayer acknowledging the beauty of the morning, the Lord as the source of all good gifts, the gravity of this Holy Week and our desire to bring out more guys to help us together become better men, friends, spouses, dads, colleagues, etc.