Twenty Six PAX got rolling on a spectacular Wednesday morning at Ball Bearings filled with excitement for exploring the land between Glenwood and St. Marys.


Burpee Run: 3/4 mile warm up run with 3 stops for 10 burpees each.

Warm up: SSH x 30, Imperial Walkers x 20, Good Mornings x 20, Jack Webb to 11.

Jog to Tennis Courts:  20 count mogul jumps in service lane, 20 count front back jumps, 20 count single leg side to side jumps.  3 burbee suicides (2 burpees, run to service line, back pedal to baseline, run to net, back pedal to baseline, 2 burpees) alternating with 3, 20 count balls to the wall.

Jog to Lower Field for Three Man Tag Team:  Partner 1: 10 decline merkins followed by peoples chair until tagged.  Partner 2: sprint across the field and up hamburger hill and tag partner 3 (replace partner 3).  Partner 3:  squats to 10, lunges to 10, single leg deadlift to 10 continuing until tagged.  Once tagged by Partner 2, bearcrawl down hamburger hill, sprint across field and tag Partner 1.  Keep rolling through for appx 10 minutes.

Six Minutes of Mary:  V ups x 30, Rosalitas x 30, LBCs x 30, TD curl x 15 each side, Reverse LBC x 30.


  • Last few days to sign up for the Susan Komen F3 team for the run on 6/8.  Details on F3 website.  See Caddie for more particulars.
  • Raleigh GoRuck team will be carrying 25 lbs of change as its “team weight” (amongst lots of other various weights) through the evening next Saturday night.  The proceeds will be donated to the Green Beret Foundation.  Would like this to be a donation on behalf of all of F3 Raleigh.  Please throw in change or cash to a rucker if so inclined.
  • Memorial Day Murph – Memorial Day, 7:00 am, Pullen Park.  Today is the last day to order shirts.  Get to it.
  • Volunteers needed to work the Ironman Triathlon in Raleigh on 6/1.  Chance to see a bunch of lonely guys that like to swim and bicycle and run far distances by themselves as opposed to receive daily F3 beatdowns.  See TARP.
  • Come back next week same time same place for a dose of “You say Tomato, I say Tabata” courtesy of Enron.