While Elon Musk is creating rocket ships, electric cars and solar panels, in Cary we carpool and ride bikes.  Needless to say when 6 guys show up in the morning to open the park up, we are going to have a great time!

Jog around the parking lot
quick feet x20
bunny hops x20
side hops x20
merkins x15
mountain climbers x15
donkey kicks x15

Jog down to the volleyball courts for:
sand partner carry x50yd
sand suicides
paint the courts (backwards, side run, forward, 2 burpees) x4
sand suicides

Jog up the stairs to the playground:
6 inch leg hold x20
Rosalita x20
WWII situps x20
Crotch sweats x12 (flapjack)

Jog to the swings:
inverted rows/merkins x20
leg tucks/squats x15
swing froggies/up down planks x10

Jog back to the VSF for 2:05 plank hold


tclaps to Burt and Coney for posting again!
It was a strong day with a not so usual CK led workout (no lunges)
tclaps to Wonk for creating some F3 cards- I will use them wisely!