Update: We will be having an impromptu mountain bike ride at the Whitewater Center on Friday August 9 at 3:30 PM. Show up for a 2 hour ride and some adventure race instruction. No need to be signed up for the race, be an experienced rider, or even own a bike. They rent them there.

There is an adventure race at the US National Whitewater Center on the same day as the Leatherneck (12 Oct 13), and it’s part of the North Carolina Adventure Race Series (NCARS).


ncars_smallThe adventure race director has made a consolation for F3. He has moved the 4-hour race option start time to later in the afternoon. All this to say…DOUBLE DOWN OPPORTUNITY!

Adventure racing has been around for many years. It is a race, indeed. However, it is not simply a physical race. Participants compete as teams of up to 4 people. On those teams, each member will bring a strength and skill that will be important in some aspect of the race (navigation, speed, paddling, humor, map reading, compass reading). All teams will start together at the same time. Each team is given a map and coordinates of “checkpoints” (CPs) to find in the wilderness. Some of these points can be found on foot, others will require a mountain bike to find, still others can only be accessed by water (canoe or kayak). There will also be some points that require completing a “challenge” to achieve the CP (i.e. whitewater rafting, wall climbing, zip lining).

normal_pqss-race-1-08-0363Since this race is at the USNWC, they will be incorporating some of the features of the park. This race is considered “ROGAINE” style (which does not stand for hair replacement products) It is derived from the names of three of the founders, Rod Phillips, Gail Davis and Neil Phillips (RoGaiNe, hence ‘rogaining’, ‘rogainer’ etc.), but that’s not important. Rogaine is a race where everyone starts and finishes (celebrates) at the same time. The possible CP’s will be way too many to attain within the given time period. It is up to you and your team to strategize about which points to get and in what order. So, is this race physical? Absolutely! Is it mental? You bet! Is it fun? Come find out!

We will be coordinating some “training” events this summer to learn some key skills (or sharpen skills)…Orienteering, Mountain Biking, Paddling and Traveling Light


  • Do just the USMC MudRun, get muddy and be done for the day. No shame will be dished out (maybe a little).
  • Skip the USMC MudRun (if you dare) and do the adventure race (sign up a team or we can put you on one…lots of beginners out there)
  • Do the USMC MudRun with your teammates, get muddy, and then do an adventure race in the afternoon with your same team.
  • Do the USMC MudRun with your teammates, get muddy, ditch your slack teammates and join another team for the adventure race.


Contact Slaughter johnlambertjr@hotmail.com or 9-Lives tpmorris@hotmail.com

How to participate:


Step One:



Step Two:

Go to this website and pay individually. Be sure to select the F3Nation option at the bottom if you are doing the 4-ho option: