The Thang:

We hit Roanoke Park in rapid fashion on Thursday morning.  The knee-high socks grass of Roanoke Park honored everyone’s favorite absent Bermudan.  Later on that day, the amber waves of grain fell as the Lost Mowing Crew Number 9 returned for its annual service to our beloved filled-in creek bed.

A compact singularity of metal and sand this morning.  8 stations.  16 pax.  Close-in circle of pain.

Pax 1 max reps at given station; Pax 2: Seven Burpees; Switch. 

Station 1: Hanging Power Cleans with Sears Bar

Station 2: 50 lbs KB swings.

Station 3: Orange Sled Crush

Station 4: 35 lbs KB swings. 

Station 5: Tree lunges

Station 6: 25 lbs Homemade KB Swings

Station 7: Medicine Ball PassBack

Station 8:   Cinder Block Partial Credit Man Makers

Station 9:   Cinder Block Shoulder Press

Mary:  90 Seconds of Side Chilcut Plank on the Left Elbow/ 90 Seconds of Side Chilcut Plank on the Right Elbow


  • Repeato Stations 3 Times; wait for the preceding team to tag and rotate; 5 Spartan burpees on last time through. 
  • Mental Challenge:  Remember to Tag; Remember to Wait for Tag.  2 parts. 
  • Fungo and Howard are the Clock.  Think about that for a minute. 
  • We’ve now confirmed that Cinderella is in fact a Steroid Laden Deer in elven shoes. 
  • Tclaps to Fazio for understand adult supervision style 10-counts.
  • Negative tclaps to Chong Li for meth-speed 10-counts. 
  • RIP cedar tree.  MIA in the fields of grain. 
  • Just like Dalton from Jasper, Enron does not sweat.  He’s the cooler.

Brilliant Subcommittee Report from Fungo per YHC Request:

MH –

As per your request, we completed 133 burpees this morning by my count:

Full burpees: 98
Abbreviated burpees: 35
In terms of a pro forma projections, if we had completed full man-makers (as opposed to lady-makers), we arguably could push the count to closer to 150.

We should consider peeling the onion a bit here to determine what exactly constitutes a “burpee.”  Not trying to boil the ocean, but achieving greater line of sight into fitness best practice would drive win-win gain-sharing, accomplishment of top line objectives, and right-sizing of workouts for optimal performance delivery.


That’s all.