Says Cornholio as we’re wrapping up the “warm-up Jack Webbs” with sandbags…..just wait my friend, there are more to come.  With Dice having the flu and calling for a last minute sub, I figured I could step in and Q another workout I’ve never Q’d.  And since this is a no running workout, what a coincidence that TARP’s sandbags are still in my truck (ok not a coincidence….sorry TARP, I’ll return them at some point)….we were gonna put them to use.  Actually was getting a little nervous no one was going to show (do you just go home???), but alas at 5:43 or so, Cornholio and Vanilla Fudge roll up with Tin Cup to follow just after the start of the warm-up.

Background / Rules (setting the scene if you will): Grab one sandbag per person from my truck that would be used at various times during the workout.  Also, 3 sets of agility ladders were laid out around the perimeter of the green astro-turf outside of the movies.  As for YHC, the salt and pepper old man beard from the Wisconsin trip was gone, but some of the anger was still there….let’s do this!

Warm-up:  SSH x 25; GM x 15; Windmills x 15; Sir Fazio 10 each way (some call these lame, but I wanted to loosen up the arms for what was to come); Jack Webbs using sandbags in 1 merkin 4 overhead press ratio, 2:8, 3:12, etc. up to 10:40…it sucked no doubt and elicited the BB title comment from Cornholio.  Total count to be revealed below as I know MacGruber appreciates my math.  Finally, 15 prisoner squats with sandbags on shoulders.

The Thang:

-Curls w/ sandbags x 20

-Tricep ext w/ sandbags x 15

-Bent over rows w/ sandbags x 10 (planned on this being presses but felt a little guilty after the JW during warm-up.

-American Hammers w/ sandbags x 20

-WW2 w/ sandbags x 15

-Flutter w/ sandbags extended straight overhead x 15

-Put bags down for plank walk merkins through first ladders R to L (each time your hand hits a new square of the ladder, it’s a merkin….you’re welcome for the long ladder being used for these), bear crawl to 2nd ladder for Icky shuffle but in plank / bear crawl position through 2nd ladder, bear crawl to 3rd ladder for another round of plank walk merkins R to L.

-Head to Double Fountain area for:  Rd 1: Double jump-ups with no bag or double step-ups with bag (depending on type of injury, do what you can) x 15 and Derkins x 20.  Rd 2: Double step-ups with bag x 12 and Irkins x 12.  Rd 3: Double step-ups with bag x 8 and Derkins x 10.  Rd 4: Double step-ups with bag x 5.  Could have been another set of irkins or derkins (and the counts above could be off a couple as I went a little off-script here).  Squat holds between exercises if you finished early.  Return to astro turf.

-Prisoner squats w/ sandbags x 15

-Alternating L/R lunges w/ sandbags x 10

-Curls w/ sandbags done as 21s (7 low to midpoint, 7 from midpoint to chest, and 7 full….TARP special).

-Overhead presses w/ sandbags x 15

-Tricep extensions w/ sandbags x 15

-Bent over row w/ sandbags x 15

-American Hammers w/ sandbags x 20

-WW2 w/ sandbags x 10

-Flutter w/ sandbags extended straight overhead x 10

-Repeat plank walk and bear crawl ladder routine same as above except moving L to R on ladders 1 and 3 (for symmetry and all).

-Curls w/ sandbags x 10

-LBCs no bags x 10

-Running out of time so had to cut the set short (more presses, curls, and ab work were planned) so we went with one final Jack Webb with sandbags 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, and 5:20……lucky for you guys time was up, so we capped it at 5:20 rather than going to 10:40….still, a lot of presses.  Just as we’re finishing up, King David rolls out of Starbucks in his suit ready for work at 6:30.  Wow.

Stats:  Just straight overhead presses (i.e., counting one cadence count press as 2 rather than 1): 310 presses.  Add in the 152 merkins / derkins / irkins not to mention the curls, etc…..the arms are tired….you were warned.  Arms tired, but not too tired for some 16.9oz curls at PR later (yeah I know, they’re 12oz curls, but Epoxy don’t drink from many cans.  It’s pints for this fella).

COT: Krispy Kreme run 2/14; prayers for those dealing with injuries.  Cornholio took us out in fine fashion.

Final thoughts / notes:  YHC knew going in that a BB couldn’t compare to a Dice BB which are outstanding… them, they’re great!  In fact, read everyone’s….people take time to write them so read them, you might pick up some interesting exercises.  Finally, I think there’s a perception out there that the DL and IR workout are “easier” than other workouts.  I’ve not been injured but have attended 3-4 of these, and I assure you, they’re not easier…..just different.  Dice has done something great here with these workouts so CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Epoxy out…..