A PAX of 20 showed up for a beautiful non-rainy (for a change) Monday.  What a way to start the week!  Good showing considering many had the day off. No FNG’s however we did have a visitor from Charlotte F3, welcome.  We headed off to the upper parking lot to warm up and get our groove on.  Quick count of 20 and warm ups begin.


Warm up jog to upper parking lot


Good Mornings X10

Wind Mill X10

Fazio Arm Circles X15 Reverse X15

Merkins X10

Mountain Climbers X20

Imperial Walkers X20

Lined up and lunge walk 1,2,3 on 4 burpee around the parking lot and it is down sisyphus to the bridge for some rock exercises.

Curls X10

Overhead Press X10

Squats X10

Overhead Tricep Curls X10

Pass your rock to the right rinse and repeat X3

Count off in 2’s.  Group1 – 10 Burpees, run backwards to first curve, bear crawl to next curve, crab walk to next curve and run to top, Group 2 – run backwards to first curve, bear crawl to next curve, crab walk to next curve run to top, 10 burpees.  Plank Hold when done.

Burp to Merk – Burpee to Merkin, Burpee to 2 Merkin….up to 10.  This exercise proved to be all that it was advertised.  Look for more of them in the future.

Run around the lot and back down sisyphus for some Merry at the bottom:


Windshield Wipers X10

Heels to Heaven X15

Rosalitas X10

Back up the hill for more Merry:

Chillcutt Peter Parkers X10

American Hammer X40

After Name o rama, the announcement was Forum at noon at Panera off Strickland.  Q read Proverbs 23 15-18.  No Prayer requests were made and Faba Bean took us out with a prayer that covered it all.  Thank you all for allowing me to come out and lead on this wonderful day. Special cudos to Larry David and Box Jump for trying to keep me straight on what to say to keep the PAX together.