As Munson and Myrtle arrived early to Jaycee, the parking lot as quiet. Maybe a little too quiet. Then one silent white truck appeared. Then a black Benz on 18″ rims rolls in. Myrtle goes for his 9milli, Munson gets on his 2waypager to the crew. Ah! lucky it was the belheimer crew in that blacked out Benz, cuz if not it was about to get real. Then 17 PAX strolled in (a little sneaky by the way) to the first week of The Myrtle Winter Hurtle.

What’s the Myrtle Winter Hurtle you ask? Well as I tried to explain over the mumblechatter it is an 8 week training course, designed by YHC to get your AAS in shape. Arms (the cure to skinny arms disease), Abs (for that tanned beach bod 6pack feel), Stamina (as to not be out of breath during 4min of any vigiourous activity).  Follow the Myrtle Q to a Workout Site near you, once per week for the next 8 weeks.

The Thang:

Run from the park up Wade to Oberlin, and around to the back apartment hills. (Almost a mile). Circle up for some Barry (harder than Mary)

JackWebbs (apprently also called 11’s without a hill involved), Long slow flutter 20x, Russian hammers 20x, boat canoe 10x, Bulgarian Hammers 10x (basically a Russian hammer combined with alternating boat canoes), alternating oblique crunches 20x, reverse LBC 20x, Freddie mercurys (in reverse) 20x.  Commands in between were “hold it” NOT “recover”.

Now that you cannot feel your stomach, 11’s up the hill. merkins at the top, squats at the bottom. Run forward going up, run backward coming down. These are proper 11’s Au Pair. Thank you for Q assistance. plank-o-rama regular, right arm up, left arm up, right arm & left leg out (also called Carolina pointer), then switch. chilcut.

Run to the volleyball courts. Burpee suicides across all 4 courts. Balls to the wall 20x, diamond merkins 10x, balls to the wall 20x, wide grip merkins 10x.

Run around park, back to home base. Quick feet 20x, mini incline merkins 20x, Cannon balls 20x, Bulgarian Hammers 10x.


YHC can count to 11 now through Au Pair’s leadership. Might need consult the oracle as to what a JackWebb is but for now its 11’s with merkins and overhead press.  PAX was chatty until the hill runs began, then it was eerily quiet. 10 counts have gone the way of the arm circle apparently.  Maybe we’ll just let the Arms, Abs, and Stamina do the talking later.

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Scuba Steve took us out.