Finally.. a dry morning at Kickstarter.  The better weather paid off and 16 Pax emerged from the gloom for week # 3, site record.  The 2.0s were in full force today featuring two regulars and a third FNG, the future Zebco.  Introductions were made, laughs were exchanged, our feerless leader Vanderbeek was convinced to ruck it today, legalities were discussed and it was off into the gloom.

The Thang


Jog to the railings.

  • SSH x20
  • Good Mornings x10
  • Windmills x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Fazios x10
  • Reverse Fazios x10

The Loop

We kicked off the first relay with a Patrol Run.  Two lines of 8 jogging at YHC’s pace.. “Down” drop into a low plank hold.. “Up” jump up and start jogging again.  We went for a full lap until an early bird library book return, then panic at the site of 16 guys dressed in black pretty much wrecked our run.  No worries.. YHC can improvise.  15 Diamond Merkins until the lot is clear and then head down the to the entrance.

After regrouping at the bottom of the hill we pulled a Churham and did some travelling burpees half way up the hill with a bear crawl to finish out.  Thank you Ringwald for suggesting this today.

Catch you breath, drop the ruck and partner up.  Partner carry all the way around the loop, switching off as needed.  Marvin suggested we warn him next time so he gets a lighter guy.  He did put his big boy pants on and mention that the silver lining to getting paired with a big guy is he can carry you longer…. Way to go with the glass half full brother!

The Steps

After all the fun on the loop we jogged over to the book return and enjoyed a little paint the lines minus the burpees along the way.  We worked the small loop with the steps going down to the lower level.  Lunge walk down, jog up the steps, cut across back to the start.  Repeato x2

The Rocks

Before we finished off the final lap of the steps we took a quick detour to the rock pile.

  • Curls x10
  • Shoulder press x10
  • Tricep Extention x10
  • Clean and Press x10
  • Repeato
  • Repeato a second time but no breaks between exercises (skip clean and press.. this ruck is heavy)

The Playground

Next we jogged up to the playground for some mudrun training.  In pairs each group went over the net wall of the junglegym and the triple rails while the remainder of the pax hung back and got their pain on.

  • LBCs
  • Reverse LBCs
  • Dry Docks
  • Superman-o-rama
  • Shoulder Annihilaters
  • Sumo Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Merkins x30 (Thanks Spurrier)

People’s Wall

Next, we took a quick mozy to the library wall.

  • Balls to the wall x10
  • Inverted Pushup
  • Balls to the wall x10
  • People’s chair x10
  • People’s chair pass the ruck down, back, down (with some overhead presses in the middle and some little people’s chair)


  • American Hammer x30


  • 1.5 miles today.. 3 workouts to go so time to taper up!
  • Tclaps to Marvin for coming back out.
  • Tclaps to Zebco for completing his first F3 workout!
  • Tclaps to Vanderbeek for Rucking it today!
  • Prayers for YHC’s uncle in the hospital
  • Spurrier took us out