Dog Beers

15 Pax members assembled outside the gates of Apex Community Park eager to get inside. Let's see what happened inside the gates:


COP - SSH x 20, GM x 15, MC x 20, PlankJack x 15, Merkin x15, 6 inch, IW X 15

Partner up - Partner 1 runs to the three stations doing 5 merkins at each station; Partner 2 does 20 LBCs, 20 Merkins, and 20 Squats. x2

Run to the playground - Partner 1 - 15 Pull-ups/15 Knee-ups; Partner 2 - 20 LBCs, 20 Merkins, and 20 Squats.

Run to the tennis courts - Exercises on the way-

At the courts - 22 - Merkins/Jumping Lunge

Burt takes the baton

Head over to the Rock Pile…everybody gets a rock
Take rocks to the basketball court and circle up

• 10 double jump burbees OYO (no rocks)
• 25 rock curls
• 20 rock presses
• 10 triple jump burbees with Sir Fazio Arm Circles OYO
• 25 plank jacks
• Regular plank, 10 count around the circle, 15 more plank jacks
• 20 rock curls
• 25 rock presses
• Hit the road back to the parking lot
• Circle up
• 25 mummy kicks with a speed bag
• 6 inch leg hold; 10 count around the circle


Naked Moleskin:

*Burt wears a shirt for 75% (see the picture) and the dog doesn't show. McCants - Bring the dog. Do it.
*Surcharge returned to A-Team with much fanfare today. Way to start 2015 off with a bang on the 19th of the month. Let's make it a weekly thing, aye?
*RipTide brought his quarters to the work-out this morning. He was looking for a coke post work-out. Vending machine was down. Change was lost. #keepit
*Burt did Fazio arms circles this morning. WTF. I like Fazio...we all do. Let's just agree on that and drop the weak exercises. Aye.
*Wonk wrote the book on rufusenik during a work-out. It's a thing of beauty to watch. Man doesn't do exercises that he doesn't agree with...I can appreciate that! #crabwalk

K2C, USMC Mud Run

Denali took us out.

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you,