Before Dr. Frankenstein started his work on blending corpses and reanimating them, he tried to combine inanimate objects.  Some of them we are familiar with. (Where do you think Ron Popiel gets all his ideas?)  One less successful idea was the combination wheel barrow and skies. Meant to carry quantities of things across the snow, it failed miserably even with the infomercial.  So they were all destroyed, all except one.  After wandering from place to place looking for a purpose and acceptance this freak of primitive engineering found it’s way to Heavy Metal.  But it was too cumbersome and ugly to remain a permanent part of the 5 points landscape.  Finally, it found it’s way to South Wake, where it came to torment the PAX at Mutiny.


Run the warm up 1/5 of a mile
Side Straddle Hops x 25
Imperial Walkers x 20
Windmills x 15

Saunter over to pick up bricks and meet the sled.
Rotate through pushing the sled 20 yards and back. The rest of the PAX is doing one the following
• Plank
• Star jumps with bricks in hand
• LBCs
• Mountain Climbers
• Deep Squats with bricks
• 6” leg hold
• Rows with bricks
• Lunges
• Fazio arm circles
• Burpees

Saunter over to the building for People’s chair with bricks.

Jack Webb with bricks x 7

Cackalacky Choo Choo down the tennis courts

Russian Hammers with bricks x 20
Windshield Washers x 20
Box Cutters x 20


This was the first Monday in 4 weeks it hadn’t rained in South Wake. Cold rain causes a lot of men to fartsack, and I guess too many were in the habit of ignoring the alarm clock this morning. It was solid work by those who came. I appreciate their occasionally allowing me to lead this fine group of men. It is an honor gentlemen. And thanks for putting the sled through its paces.