10 PAX assembled in a Midtown Raleigh parking for some guns & wheels action.

Run down Lassiter Mill

Stop at Root — 30 Merkins, 20 LBCs … say what’s up to our immobile brethren

Run up Lassiter Mill to Anderson Dr

Stop — 30 wide grip merkins, 20 WWIIs

Run down Anderson, around Lourdes to greet Late Nighters looking real “tough” doing some windmills

At the head of greenway (by Claremont Rd), 30 diamond merkins & 20 hammers

Run greenway to Lassiter Mill Rd

Stop…30 merkins

Run back up Lassiter to parking lot

20 more merkins to get to an even 200


A solid 6.3 miles in the books.  An entertaining Wardaddy (Gee) exclaimed that we ran farther than a 10K… YES!  Pats on backs for all.  But it was a grind due to the hills; well done!!


Cinderella took us out in prayer


Always a pleasure to lead!