YHC could hardly believe that there were 19 men ready for some work this am in the lot at Bond. A hearty bunch, no doubt, and lively as well. Burt was in usual midweek mumblechatter form, but there were others that were more vocal than usual. Today also saw a 2nd helping of Brisket since his triumphant return last week. That man is looking lean and mean…Burt indicated as much verbally (shocker). And with that, off we went…

Lungewalk down to mid road stop for: 15x good mornings, 15x mtn climbers, 15x standard merks. Jog on down the road and up hill to the large shelter. Lights on and partner up. P1 take a fast lap around the lot, P2 irkens, flapjack. Next P1 with a lap and P2 with tabletop 6 inch leg holds. Flapjack. Out to the parking lot and and lungewalk half and bearcrawl half. 20x partner planks and darkens. turn around and lungewalk back to shelter. P1 run lot, P2 standard merkins. Flapjack. Again, this time with P1 running and P2 hammers. Back to shelter and 15x count around the horn while planking. (things got a bit restless here and Goose nearly came unglued. YHC wanted to reel him in but Ill just wait for his next Q…oh wait…). Back to laps and irkens. Flapjack. 20x star jumps oyo, 20x sumo squats.

Lungwalk back to top of hill. Term Paper was next in line to start yapping. and to reward his brand of mumblechatter we all performed 30x standard merkins. Line up in 2 lines. Fellowship Indian run back. (or so we tried). Plank at Billy road until all back and 40 count of planks then Billy run to start. Callahan could taste that gold medal but ol Largemouth had other ideas.

Announcements and COT.

Great work men.

NM: Callahan territory