Today at Juggernaut YHC celebrated one year in the gloom. Every AO is unique and all offer great opportunities for exercise, but Juggernaut is my favorite. It doesn’t hurt that its 2 minutes from my house, but it also has just about everything a park/school/greenway can offer. And best of all, its always on Friday. The mood is always a little different on Friday. The gloom is just a little less gloomy.

Fearing a light workout with YHC as Q, Grady called for EC last night. 5 PAX (Grady, Superstar, YHC, Papercut and Pink Slip) answered the call. Grady and I were apparently in sync as EC looked a lot like the workout. We ran/bear crawled/crab walked/lunge walked the greenway out to Strickland Road with an assortment of burpees, monkey humpers and other exercises I’ve blocked from my memory. EC was so great it caused Grady to detour to the restrooms before Juggernaut officially started.

10 PAX were gathered at the shovel flag promptly at 5:45. This was a strong veteran group who all know the disclaimer by heart so we skipped the formalities and started a game of follow the leader. I couldn’t decide what part of the park I would use today so I decided to use them all.

Warm Up
10 Burpees OYO

The Thang
Follow the leader. Exactly what it sounds like. We ran (with bear crawls and lunge walks mixed in) to the front of the park, down the greenway, over the bridge, through the woods to the big hill by the baseball fields, down the hill (YHC went first since it was muddy… I survived and the PAX followed), to the picnic shelter, to the rock pile by the entrance, up the hill to the soccer field, back down the hill past the rock pile, back to the shovel flag with a brief stop at the small rock pile near the parking lot. We mixed in some bear crawls and lunge walks when it seemed appropriate. During the run we mixed in some exercises. This group of guys is the reason I drag myself out of bed 3 days a week to do F3. It’s certainly not for the burpees. Because of the role they’ve played in my journey I wanted them to play a part in the workout also. So as we stopped along the way, I called out some of my favorite exercises and called on them to call out theirs. As always, they did not disappoint. Here’s what we mixed into to our follow the leader game:

LBC IC x30
Merkins x30
Box Jumps (on stone wall by the bridge) x15 Since there were more PAX than wall space we split into two groups for this with one group doing plank work the flapjack
Good Mornings IC x15 (bear crawls were coming so a good hamstring stretch seemed in order)
Mountain Climbers IC x25
Monkey Humpers IC x25
WWII Sit-Ups IC x20 (This was courtesy of Superstar as we had just gotten to the wet grass by the baseball fields)
BTTW til the last man drops. Bear Crawl to the opposite fence when you are done. 5 burpees OYO for everyone except Singlewide who stayed up the longest
Derkins x30
Irkins x20
Dips IC x15
People’s Chair for 10 count down the line
Rock Curls IC x20
Skull Crushers IC x20
Rock Squat Press IC x20
In the soccer field we lined up for:
Box Cutters IC x20 Sprint the width of the field
Homer to Marge IC x20 Sprint the width of the field
Merkins x20 Sprint the width of the field
Freddy Mercury IC x20 Spring the width of the field
5 Burpees OYO
Rock Curls IC x15
Overhead Press or Bent Over Rows IC x15 (old guys with bad backs chose OP)
Tricep Extension ICx15
SSH IC x25
Something Papercut called out but I can’t remember (I’m sure it was great)
American Hammer IC x25
Six Inch Leg Hold 10 count around (Barney Fife tried to call recover when he was done but was overruled)
LBC IC x30
Plank it out for the last minute or so.

Announcements: Convergence at Carroll Middle School on Juy 4th at 7am.
Forum every Monday Noon to 1pm at Panera Colonnade (corner of Six Forks / Forum Road)
Sign up to Q. Somewhere, anywhere. Juggernaut has openings in late July/August.

Prayer requests: Christy (sp?) friend of Papercut’s family passed away last Sunday unexpectedly. Peace and comfort to her family, children and those who cared for her. Prayers for Papercut’s son is close to her son.

Pink Slip, Papercut and Pygmy all have family traveling this weekend. Prayers for safe travels for all.

One year ago I nervously rolled out of bed and drove to Urban Jungle. Moen invited me out to “this workout you will like”. I wasn’t exercising regularly and thought this would be a good way to get in shape. About 20 minutes in I was standing in a stairwell at the Cap Trust parking garage trying not to puke on myself. Nobody laughed at me, nobody yelled at me to “come on”, nobody seemed to judge me. People I don’t know fist bumped me, said “good work” when I actually was moving and one person even offered some advice on how I could stand to get more oxygen in my lungs. I wish I knew who it was because that made a great impression on me (and maybe kept me from going into cardiac arrest). It doesn’t really matter who it was because essentially it was all of you. The F3 brotherhood behaves like that everyday. I see it all the time. I try to pay it forward the best I can.

For every one of you that is a site Q, has Q’d a workout, has every given me a fist bump, told me “good work”, told me nice Q, passed me, raced me, texted me to see if I was working out in the morning, laughed with me, sweated with me, carried me, trusted that I could carry them, planted a shovel flag with me, prayed with me, prayed for me, led me or followed me, I say thank you. You’ve made me stronger, you’ve made me better.

Year 2 starts tomorrow. See you in the gloom.