With 3 Q’s in less than a week, YHC needs to get this one out of his head.  Only a few details to get things into perspective.  A storm the during the night added to the morning stickiness.  And even though YHC arrived a few minutes early, the work would begin a few minutes late as we waited for the last of the 16 pax to arrive.  Here’s how it went down.

Tha Thang: 2 loops around the Capitol building then circle up for warm-ups: GM, SSH, IW, SFAC, 10 Burpee’s OYO

Interval run down Fayetteville street, stopping at each intersection for merkins; 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5, stopping at Memorial Auditorium.  Head down the stairs to the east side of the building in the lot between Wilmington street.  Divide into 2 groups for a designated loop while the other group does AMRAP of an exercise, we did 4 loops I think.

Head bak up Wilmington stopping at the PNC deck entrance for a quick set of 5’s on the hill, burpee’s at the top and merkins at the bottom.  Continue north on Wilmington to the lot across from Raleigh Times.

COP; LBC Pyramid to 30 and back, it only sucks if you do it right.  Peach Pit had a friend across the street who had become very vocal about something by the time we finished, so we decided it best to move on from there.

Jog back to the Capitol and circle up in the grass by Edenton street for Mary.

Mary: Box Cutters x 20, American Hammers x 20, DONE!

COT: YHC discussed the Tim Keller study “The Prodigal God” and encouraged the pax to thank God for our freedom as we ease into the July 4th holiday.  Peach Pit led us our in style with a word to our Awesome God!

The Skin:  Love the AO so close to YHC’s house, literally 3 minutes to get there.  YHC was trying to get out a few minutes early to get to the Prodigal God study on time, didn’t get done early but still made it on time.  Great crowd, noticed a dad of one of my daughters friends was now posting with us, good to see White Whale in the mix.  YHC & Peach Pit (AKA the doughnut man) are starting the 27:17 Extra Doughnut Weight Loss Challenge, the specifics are still getting worked out, but the basics are this:

  • 7/1 to 9/30 Greatest % of weight lost wins
  • First weigh-in 7/1 at Late Night
  • $20 to enter, all proceeds go to either Healing Transitions or Neighbor to Neighbor
  • If you don’t want in on the competition you can still get involved by betting on the horse of your choice, either to win the whole thing or at periodic weigh-ins
  • Winner, well of course they get to brag and talk a lot of smack
  • Loser’s to Q a workout skinned up, invisible shirt style
  • More to come!

YHC has his f3 3rd anniversary at the Forge this Tuesday, hope to see you there.

As always it’s a pleasure to lead, see you in the gloom!

CW out!