Run to top of dekc, warm Up, 4 legs of the Beast with merkins, squats, WW II’s, wide grip merkin, run back to meet the other guys.

Warm Up:

jog to the top of deck by Belk

-SSH x 20

-GM x 10

-IW x 15


The Thang:

-3 rounds of alternating partner ramp runs with 10x partner merkins at middle and 5x jump squats at bottom

-Run to narrow deck space between Belk and top ramp driveway to Blue Ridge.

-Agility work – shuttle run, sideways hops, backwards run, then repeato 2x with 10x quick feet at midpoint

-Sprints – 3x down the deck and back; partner BTW, PC, Chillcut in between sets

-Run to top of deck near Sears

-2x 4-corners down the stairwell, across the lot, up the stairwell and back – 5x burpee, 10x jump squat, 15x star jump, 20x WWIIs in sequence at corners

-Plank sets in between 4-corners sets

-Run to first stairwell we came up, 10x burpees

-Run back to start for Mary – 25x AH, 15x LSF, 20x LBC


-july 4th convergence at art museum

-prayers for expecting dads

-prayers for Pantyhose grandmom and Bullhorn dad

CT (coffee talk after at Panera)

-15 PAX

Great work by the group this morning. Always a privilege to lead.