A pair of shovel flags planted at Centennial for the PAX of 10 at Wolf Run this week. The slogan from a popular convenience store got in my head so I used it as a theme for this morning’s workout.

The Thang:

7 Minute Run

Imperial Walkers x 15, Windmill x 15. 1st set of 11s (Knee Ups & Merkins)

7 Minute Run to Rock Pile, grab a rock

2nd set of 11s (Military Press & Curls)

7 Minute(ish) Run

3rd Set of 11s (Derkins & Squats)

6 Minutes on the stairwell, Burpees the top & bottom ascending

7 Minute Run back to base

Good Mornings x 10, LBCS x 25


Quote of the Day: “In family matters no crime is past forgiveness.” – Pat Conroy

Naked Moleskin:

-Prayers for New Mexico’s relative having surgery this morning, looking for a positive outcome and recovery. Prayers to PAX dealing with aging parents out there, we have several. Prayers for Dufresne.

-Great to be back at the Wolf Run now that school is out for the kids. So many possibilities out there.

-Check the announcements. July 4th at Late Night & Juggernaut, sign up for the USMC Mud Run Oct 4th is now open, click the link!

– Another likely record post count this week for F3 Raleigh, the starfish continues….

-Welcome FNG Clippos Magnificos, YHC heard he speaks Spanish at interesting times on the tennis court. Makes sense now, right?

-Looking fofr some summer reading? Give Freed to Lead a try, or borrow mine if you’d like.

-Safe travels to Wilmington as F3 Raleigh members continue to support the expansion on the coast.