Go to Dojo and do some warmups.

Every man for himself today.  Winner gets a solo VT.

Run down to rocks

Get a rock and do 20 Rock Squats.   Do not use a #Wilson rock.

Run up the hill to the intersection and do 20 spidey merkins.  Get those knees up.

Run down to the bridge and do 20 jump lunges EACH LEG.  Get those knees down.

Run back up to the Dojo on the dirt path.

20 Each: Dips-Irkins-Derkins

Repeato until 6:08 and back to parking lot to meet Mary.



  • VT this week goes to HUH- keep that thing shiney up on the mantle buddy
  • Everyone got in 3 laps, though some in front also got in some lake laps in addition to that
  • There was an exceptionally loud bird that was running it’s mouth all morning
  • Au Pair wore a headband
  • Riceburner visited us from the F3 Motherland, hope we were operating within spec
  • Money Hose Prayed us out
    • with a prayer for co-worker of S&M who passed away recently
  • Come to Greenville on 6/30 for the Sasquatch, an event dedicated to Papa Smurf who was recently diagnosed with ALS.  Sign up here:  We’ll leave from North Hills around 0430.  Back by lunch.  It will be worth it.