Three years ago one “Hat Tag” encouraged YHC to join him for an early morning workout, and the rest is history.  That muggy morning in June of 2013, Howard ran us through the paces as he did most Tuesday mornings, White Shoe drummed up casual conversation as I was huffing and puffing through Pullen Park, and when it was all over they asked what I did, and Country Wide is what they called me.  Many early mornings have come and gone since then and YHC has watched as the Man Upstairs has grown and changed him into a leader he never would have imagined.  So YHC made the request for some brothers to join him for this glorious celebration, 24 took the bate, and this is how it went.

As always no real plan just a few ideas floating around, with “make it suck” being the loudest voice. YHC was made aware of an FNG so disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thang: Run up to the cul-de-sac for warm-ups, (it’s been a few weeks so here’s what YHC remembers), GM’s, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles, Plank Jacks, IW’s.

Head up to Pullen and cross over to the university where Epoxy received a degree from.  Down to the tunnels, bear crawl through and do 10 burpees oyo on the other side.

Continue on to Court of the Carolina’s for the main work.  Line up on center walkway, 1/2 pax in one direction and rest in the other.  Double 11’s, up over the wall up the stairs and 10 burpees at the top, back down for one merkin, over to the far walkway for 10 star jumps, and back for 1 Freddie Mercury.  Go! This would take the rest of our time and all the energy YHC had.  YHC knew he made the right call when Orwell looked at him with genuine contempt about halfway through and told YHC this was a “dumb call”.  The fng hung as long as he could, but the Merlot had to come up.  YHC finished in the top third of the group, noted the time and called the work as done.

Head back up to Pullen and down back to origional crossing back into the park, stopping at the cul-de-sac to group back up.  From there we made our way back to the stone circle for COT.

COT:   YHC made call to step out and lead, Orwell volunteered Turkish Bath to Q the following week, YHC was out of town and doesn’t know if it happened?  Orwell led us out in style!

The Skin:  Been a while since post, definitely remember legs cramping on the way back from campus.  Fng was hurting, but so was everyone else, #embracethesuck .  Thanks to all for walking with me for the last 3 years, God’s word is true “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.  There is always someone who needs f3, be willing to ask, you’ll be surprised who says yes.  See you in the gloom!

CW out!