Unknowingly YHC nabbed another holiday Q.  This time it was for the French.  We tend to joke about the French and this morning was no different.  However, writing this after the tragedy in Nice I want to respect the lives of those we lost and simply lay out the work we put in.  #PrayersForNice

10 PAX in total or 8 1.0s and 2 2.0s you could say as Braveheart and Mockingjay took the red pill.
Sidenote:  we appear to have a nice 2.0 movie-based naming system going on…


  • Good Morning, SSH, Air Squats

The Thang

Modified Beast of sorts:
6 Rounds
6 count on exercises
6 times (or 6 minutes)

Rounds 1, 3, 5 were a “catch me if you can, beast”:
–  Partner Up, one run backwards and hop up the stairs of the parking deck while the other does 6 reps an exercise then catches and swaps with partner.  Go for 6 minutes.
Exercises:  merkins, CDD, wide merkins

Rounds 2, 4, 6 were a speed beast
–  Solo run parking lot and stairs in an S fashion doing six reps of an exercise everytime you enter and exit the stairway until you’ve done it 6 total times
Exercises:  air squats, plank shoulder taps, star jumps

Mary between each round while we gather the 6s…
My timing was a bit off and we were a bit late but no one seemed too angry (right guys?)


It was a great group this morning.  The perfect beatdown for a smaller group.  Easier for the Q to manage.  Everyone pushed hard and the 2.0s were beastly!  Good job fellas!