11 PAX assembled, butt trouble was brewing unknown to 10 of us. After some mumble chatter regarding the 80 degrees and 100% humidity, the Q finding someone who had a magical time reporting device, we were off.

Warm Up
Run around the pickle, down to the bottom of the hill
• 16x SSH IC
• 16x MC IC
• 16x IWs IC
• 16x Merkins

The Thang
Run through the park, down the hill, stop at the overlook for 16x Squats IC, head to the prettiest bridge in the TOC, circle up, count off 1s and 2s.

• 1s Bear Crawl the bridge, run back
• Flapjack

• 1s Lunge Walk bridge, run back
• 2s Al Gore
• Flapjack

About this time trouble hit – man down. 1 PAX pulled an Elvis (it’s in the lexicon). We figured he’d be back quick. Meanwhile, back with the remainder of the PAX…

• 1s Crab Walk the bridge, run back
• 2s Plank hold
• Flapjack

Elvis is still missing; perhaps panic set in if he found the doors were securely locked.

PAX jog across the bridge to the smallest TOC rock pile, grab two friends and assemble at the bottom of the hill.

• 1s Curls AMRAP
• 2s Run up the hill, 16x Star Jumps
• Flapjack

PAX are calling for Elvis and inventing horror stories of what might have transpired.

• 1s Overhead press AMRAP
• 2s Run up the hill, 16x Jump Squats
• Flapjack

• 1s Rock Your World AMRAP (Squat, Curl, Press, Triceps, Reverse Press, Reverse Curl, Repeato)
• 2s Run up the hill, 16x Lunge Jumps
• Flapjack

Send your friend back home. Indian Run to basketball courts, take in the view as you cross the bridge.

As we reached the parking lot, the PAX were relieved to see that Elvis’ car was gone. At least we knew he left the building and there was not a horror show somewhere. Hopefully he made it home in time. At the time publication, the Twitter poll doesn’t think so.

• 1s BTTW, 16 count down the line
• 2s Al Gore
• Flapjack

• 1s People’s Chair, 16 count down the line
• 2s Merkins AMRAP
• Flapjack

• 16x Hello Dolly IC
• 16x LBC IC
• 16x Low Slow Flutter IC

Sign up for 2 of the three:
• Sasquatch to support Papa Smurf
• Qs for Cary AOs
• Callahan/M/2.0 Meal Train, email me if you don’t have the link

Prayer Requests
• France/Nice and those impacted by it
• Chinese Downhill
• Banjo’s Sister
• Jolly Rancher
• My M for surviving 16 years with me

Thank you for the opportunity to lead; always good to be with such men.