A Pax of 8 posted this morning for a Dawn Patrol workout that went into new and unexplored territories in West Raleigh.  Here’s what we did:

Merkins x 50
SSH x 20

Take off running out onto Edwards Mill Road down to intersection with Laurel Hills Road.  In the parking lot of Lamb’s Christian Center we did a quick 50 burpee partner suicide across the parking lot.

Then we ran down White Pine Drive stopping at every street light for merkins x 10 (probably 8 or so stops so 80 merkins).  Turned right on Galax Dr down to Greenway entrance for Crabtree Trail.  Stopping there for LBCs x 40.

Instead of going onto Greenway, we turned right and navigated the mud trail to the bottom of Glen Laurel Drive.  Glen Laurel Drive is a heckuva a hill.  So we ran up stopping an predetermined spots for sumo squat jumps x 20 for about 3 sets as we went up the hill then flutters x 15 at several predetermined spots.

On Glen Laurel Dr, Katadhin lives in second house from Edwards Mil Rd so we stopped in his yard for Freddie Mercury x 30.

Out onto Edwards Mill Rd for run back to AO.  We stopped once and did Chilcutt merkins each arm x 25.

Continued run back to AO and once there we did partner suicide merkins on basketball court with total merkin count of 100.

Mary consisted of Hammers x 40.

Nimrod took us out.

Prayers for Mister Rogers family following flooding incident at their home.

Total distance covered today according to Fudd was 3.1 miles.  Merkin count between 180-280.  Good times.