Weather good, dawn is coming and a ragged group of PAX show-up for a good, ole-fashioned beat-down.  I will state upfront for those that just did the Phoenix, my routine may look familiar but it does have different exercises! That and the Q is always right!  No FNGs so we take off.

Warm Up

Friendly run from the parking lot over to the first intersection.  Circle up for the warm-up:

10 Good Mornings
15 SSH
15 Hillbillies

10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang

Run to the right and toward the back parking lot, mixing in side-shuffles and backwards runs to keep it interesting.  Circle up and count out 1’s and 2’s for the first work-out routine, 4-corners:

One’s jog to the first corner, performs 5 clap merkins, jogs to the far corner for 10 diamond merkins, run to the next corner for 15 wide-arm merkins, and finish back at the start with 20 regular merkins.  Two’s 2 do the same number but starts at the first corner.  Plank hold when everyone is done.

Next up, partner up for Dora 1-2-3, 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Ninja squats, running only half the parking lot.

Now, since the shelter is there we need to use it!  Partner 1 does step-ups 10 each leg, while partner 2 does American hammers AMRAP, round 2 20 hail mary’s (dips with feet on planking partner), last round back to step-ups 10 each leg and flutter kicks.

Mosey through the woods to the dam and rock pile, partners getting a non-traveling rock.  Partner 1 bear crawl up the dam to the top, performing 10 star-jumps while partner 2 does arm curls AMRAP.  Round 2, bear crawl up 10 plank jacks while partner 2 does overhead rock press.  Last round, bear crawl up 5 burpees, while partner 2 rock-row (shaggy).

Indian run back to parking lot finishing with a “give-it-all-ya-got” run at the end.

No time for M


Count-a-rama:  13 PAX!

Announcements:  Tobacco road 22-mile ruck with beer and/or plates finishing in Durham with Ms and 2.0s at the finish line; July 23rd.  July 30th Sasquatch in Greenville.

Prayer request for Banjo’s sister, Kid Rock on a speedy recovery, Jolly Rancher as he goes through treatments‎, Grease Monkey’s wife, and Chinese Downhill and his family.


It was an honor to lead you men this morning.