I have really loved being the Q at Kenny’s Grave over the past couple of months. I’m always trying to create new ways punish my fellow PAX and make it worth their while for getting out into the gloom. Hopefully over the next few weeks we can increase our numbers in South Wake and continue in the expansion of F3 Nation.



1 lap run around the track

SSH (x20)

Imperial Walkers (x20)

Mountain Climbers (x20)



‘Wheelbarrow Relay’

Start at the bottom of the hill…

1 PAX wheelbarrow up; 1 PAX holds the wheelbarrow; 1 PAX does chill-cut plank until both return back down.

PAX that was the wheelbarrow now holds the wheelbarrow for the PAX that was planking; PAX that was holding now planks and will go next.

Keep rotating around for 5 rounds.


‘Bear Crawl Relay’

Same concept…just a different hill

1 PAX bear crawls up the hill about (30 ft) and backward bear crawls down the hill (30 ft); 1 PAX does regular plank (he goes next); 1 PAX does chill-cut plank (switches to regular when other PAX goes.

Keep rotating around for 5 rounds.


‘Tabata Tango’

4 different stations set up…complete x2 during a round of Tabata (8 total stations)

Station 1 – Cinder Swing

Station 2 – Derkin (using the parking block)

Station 3 – Squat Jump

Station 4 – Cinder Press

Repeat stations until round of Tabata is over

New rotation…

Station 1 – Flappy Bird @ 45 degrees

Station 2 – Cinder Curls

Station 3 – Shuttle Run

Station 4 – Cinder Skull Crusher

Repeat the first rotation again and finish strong!



WWII (x25)



Prayer’s out to Imp who is having surgery on his broken wrist today and for the PAX to continue their journey on being men of impact.