The night was a good one. Ma Bell had his belly full, the kids’ homework was done or in progress, and was catching up on news from the day. Then the call came. From Banjo. It went something like this:
Banjo: “[sob, sniff] Hello Jeff, this is Tom. I was playing futbol, going for a 0-0 tie in the ‘beautiful game’ and [sniff, sob] I hurt my leg.”
Ma Bell: “and you’re supposed to Q tomorrow, right?”
Banjo: “Yeah, but I’ll be there. I’ll get it started and you can take over because I can’t run. Owie, owie!”
Ma Bell: “I got your 6”

So I had a half workout planned. Fast forward to this morning at 0525. Text message comes in from Banjo “my boo-boo hurts too much.” OK, I thought, we’re going all #countrywide today. And it went like this:


Run around the parking lot and over by the shelter by the restrooms and circle up.
Merkins (4 count) x 10 [mostly because Goose was complaining about the A-Team warmup]
Good Morning/Windmills x 10 [Franklin dubbed them Wind Mornings]
Lunges x 8 on each leg
SSH x 20

    The Thang:

Mosey over to the shelter, split into teams of 2 or 3 for some mini-Murphs:
Pull-Ups x 25
Merkins x 50
Squats x 75
Per Person

We’re good and warm now, follow me over to the rick rack and grab two small-medium rocks. We’ll be traveling. But first, let’s keep those arms warm with some Sir Rockio Arm Circles – 8-count forward, 8-count reverse. Then the thought struck me: we need a hill. So off we went up the road. I think the words “you suck” were uttered but I didn’t care. At the bottom-ish of the hill, we gathered to discuss what was next: Jacked-up Webs
Backwards run to the top of the hill (with the rocks). At the top, 1 rock merkin. Jog back down the hill and do 2 rock presses. Repeat and increment the rock merkins by 1 and presses by 2 each trip until you’re up to 7 and 14, respectively. Rock-Plank it out when done. When everyone was back, a little plank-o-rama. Right arm high, left arm high, nipplers – all with the rocks.

Run back to the rick rack pile, but don’t drop those rocks. We need to finish our jacked-up webs with traditional Jack Webs. 8 & 16, 9 & 18, 10 & 20. Now, can we drop our rocks? No! Ma Bell likes symmetry. Let’s do some more Sir Rockio Arm Circles. Drop your rocks and join me at the backetball courts for some Mary. A good round of 4 or 5 Mary exercises by Shut-In, Goose, and Billy finished ripping our cores. At this point, there was 1 minute left, so why not a suicide for good measure? On the line!


Count-o-rama (9)
Announcements – flag football tournament on the 18th, convergence at Fletcher this weekend, F3 Dads on the 18th. Hot Spot is trying to recruit sub-9 minute milers for a 200 mile relay in the Fall. He had me until 200. Wonk wondered if there was a time limit…
Prayer Requests: Hot Spot’s sister, Suzie, has kidney failure. Prayers for her and her doctors
Ma Bell took us out in prayer.

Despite the lack of lead time, it was my honor to lead a hard-working, high-character group of men this morning.