8 Pax arrived under the shadow of the Shelly Lake dam on a balmy 65 degree morning.  Here is what they did.

Warm up:

Quick jog around the parking lot
SSH x 15
Good Morning x 10
Imperial Walker x 10

The Thang:

Mosey down the greenway beneath Millbrook Road for Super Bridge Suicides:

Standard suicide format with the bridges being the distance markers and performing same rep scheme of given exercises each time you get to a bridge.

Starting point perform given exercise x 5
1st bridge perform given exercise x 10
2nd bridge perform given exercise x 15
3rd bridge perform given exercise x 20

Round 1:  Diamond merkins/derkins/irkins/hand release merkins
Round 2:  180 degree jump squats/single leg squats/alternate jumping lunge/rock squat press
Round 3:  Ski abs/crunchy frog/WWII situps/american hammer with rock

Mosey back to parking lot for COT
Announcements:  Convergence at Chavis Park Saturday with Flag Football to follow.  Sign up, we need 12-14 more players, F3 Dads April 25th, Prayers for Peach Pits dad going in for quadruple bipass surgery

Zima took us out