syn·er·gy : noun The sum is greater than the individual parts. With March Madness in mind, we took to the courts for some combined totals…

Warm Up: Jog greenway to Kawanis parking lot.

SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 20, WindMills x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20, Ski Abs x 20, PlackJacks x 20


Partner Up:

P1 – Bear Crawl to halfcourt – sprint to far baseline and back, while P2 AMRAP Burpies, flapjack until team reaches 80 – PLANK HOLD until all in…with some left/right arm and leg raises. Couple 10 counts by the pax. With some Merkins mixed in.

P1 – Sprint full court and back, P2 AMRAP WW2 sit ups, flapjack until team reaches 100 – squat hold until all in…some low squat 10 counts sprinkled throughout the pax, followed by 10 and 20 low squats with holds between. **During the running, Audible called to run backwards on way down and sprint back about half way through drill.

P1 – Suicide sprint (4 line touches), P2 low plank hold, FlapJack, then REPEATO, no rest between. 6in hold until all in…followed by low slow flutter in cadence to 20.

On the steady jog back to greenway. 12 min left. Take a right at the fork and head away from the cars and towards the Largest Parking Lot in Raleigh. Low squat hold until all in.


The Light Posts act as the turning points..they are not very close together. For explaining purposes we started in the middle of the lot, at what we’ll call the 0 light. Sprint to +1 light 5 merkins, sprint back through 0 to -1 light  6 merkins, sprint back to +2 light 7 merkins, sprint to -2 light 8 merkins, sprint to +3 light 9 merkins, sprint to -3 light, 10 merkins with a sprint back to the 0 light. LBC’s x 25 in cadence, dying cock roach x 20 in cadence till all in.

Plank hold…10 merkins on a down count by a pax. Recover on a walk back up to greenway, followed by jog to the last post. Plank hold until all in. 10 merkins on a down count led by Superstar, youngest F3 in gloom…Sprint home…arrive with 30 seconds on the clock, to dribble it out and take it to the locker room.


Prayers lifted up for families traveling during spring break.

A prayer that I heard in the last few weeks that reminded me of F3: “Lord, continue to break us…so you can mold us…then fill us…to use us.” I am third.

I missed the pax’s name who led us out in prayer and I apologize. Words well spoken.