15 PAX showed up in the Gloom for an expected beat down from the Wily Vet Maize only to find a Rookie anxiously awaiting his Maiden Q.  With no FNG’s, the crew new the deal… Let’s do the Thang.

No SSH, good mornings, or arm circles here.  It’s an Indian Run around the hood for warm up.  Finish at the end of the bottom parking lot.

Break up into 3 groups:
Group 1 (bottom of hill) hit 15 monkey humpers / 50 calf raises OYO.  Repeato until Group 3 gets down the hill.
Group 3 (top of hill) hit 15 squat jumps / 15 standard merkins OYO.  Repeato until Group 2 gets up the hill.
Group 2 (start at bottom of hill) Sprint to 1st speed bump.  Broad jump to cone. Sprint to 2nd speed bump.  Lunge to cone.  Bear crawl to 3rd speed bump.  Sprint to the top of hill and relieve Group 3.

Mosey over to picnic tables.
Set of 11’s with box jumps and Irkins. OYO until completion.
Plank hold till the PAX finishes.

Mosey over to Sisyphus. Jog to bottom of hill under the overpass. Grab a rock.
Rock Curls x20
Rock Tri Extensions x20
Rock Overhead Press x20
Standard Merkins x10
Diamond Merkins x10…. err x5 (The Q’s arms were “Straight cashed homie”) If you can’t do it don’t Q it, right? After passing on the wide grip merkins we started the trek to the top.
Squat hold until the Q gets up the hill..

A couple quick sets of Mary.
WWII sit ups x20
LBC’s x20

Mosey to bottom parking lot for COT
– F3 Dads, April 18th @ Fletcher park
– Flag Football Fundraiser, April 25th (MacGruber has posted on the site regarding this.)
– New soft launch at Chavis Park

Prayers for Dingo and his family.
Thoughts and words of encouragement for Blue Crush as he starts a week long leadership conference with ZERO contact to the outside world and a healthy plate of everything that is wrong with him from his coworkers and friends.
Vector Victor lead us out in prayer.

Gentlemen, Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning. Hope to do it again someday. I appreciate you bearing with me and I promise to bring the pain even stronger next time. Aye!