On this breezy March morning a Pax 8 plus YHC set out in the gloom to get warmed up as quickly as possible. We stretched for just a minute as a few PAx were coming in hot, and then set out for a long jog around both fields. It was nice not having any ice to avoid for a changeJ

The Thang:

20 Good Mornings

50 SSH

20 Sir Fazio Are Circles

30 Merkins

20 Imperial Squat Walkers

20 Slow Windmills

20 Kneebows (knees to elbows in plank position)

20 Carolina Dry Docks


Thanks II:

The Final Four


We started with 10 Burpees OYO  and then proceeded to run the outside loop down Brier Creek Pkwy and Globe. At each corner we would stop, drop and complete 10 Burpees for 40 total. We planked at the end to wait for the Pax to reassemble. CK led us in some Putin, Sarkozy and  Chilcutt forms. Recover.


Thang III:

The Stair Master

We made a loop from the sidewalk, up the stairs, down the corridor, down the second staircase and then back across the sidewalk. Starting at the top the Pax completed 20 Air Squats and the Bear Crawled down the corridor and down the steps to then complete 20 WWII sit ups. Repeat.


Thang III:

The Wall

With the Mud coming in just a few weeks, it was time to get the Pax to help each other over a wall. We set up two lines and the Pax had to work together to get everyone over an 8’ brick wall. We had a few slips and stumbles, but everyone landed safely on the other side.



20 Slow Flutter Kick

30 LBC’s

20 American Hammers



Announcements – volunteer opportunity at Longview UMC, Candlestick Q, Umstead run is starting this Thurs, sign up for Custom Ruck.

Prayers – continued prayers for Watson’s brother who is doing better.


Nickelback took us out in prayer.