imagesT1YBXLBNWarm Up:

SSH x25, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 ED, Windmill x15, Merkin x10, Mountain Climber x20, and because Sexy Rexy was late, a Burpee x5 penalty.

The Thang:

After a brief jog down to the middle deck and some slight confusion as to whether each PAX was an odd or an even we had split into two groups. Group 1: suicides down the parking deck bay with one pull-up on each beam. Group 2: Plank exercises. Flap jack upon completion. A second round ensued, with some slight modifications. Group 1: suicides down the parking deck bay with pull-up count increasing by one at each beam. Group 2: Mary Madness. Flap Jack.

With the deck’s super structure starting to sag we moved on to the Cap Trust deck with a few stops in between: Precision squats x15 on the fake lawn, lunge walk past REI, Frogger Six Forks traffic, bear crawl down the steps to the deck entrance.

PAX paired of based on comparable speed for a merkin chase. First partner starts running up the deck, second partner does 10 merkins and then starts the chase. When partner two catches partner one, partner one drops for 10 merkins and the process starts over. Chase continues to the top of the deck. At the top of the deck we found side shuffle hops, wide grip mekins, and some other fun. Alas, time left was slim and the PAX headed back to the start. A quick Mary of Ukrainian Hammers to close it all out.



Countrywide has issued the call for The Arena. Sign up here:

2nd F at Raleigh Brewing next Thursday.

3rd F dinner coming up. Talk to Fazio.

Know anyone in the Durham and Chapel Hill area who’d be interested in F3? Let me (Bob Villa) know and we’ll get them to the right place!