4 PAX braved the cold for some bear crawlin’ burpee action. The result: painful bear arms for the rest of the day


The Thang:


jog to church lot:

SSH x30

good morning x10

windmill x10

arm circles x20, reverse at 10

imperial walker x20

merkin x10


jog back to OEC lot:

bear crawl 1/2 of parking lot, run second 1/2 to end of lot. Burpees

jog around parking lot back to starting point. Carolina dry docks.

first round: 1 burpee, 10 dry docks

second: 2 burpees, 9 dry docks

last round: 10 burpees, 1 dry dock


Usain Bolts

first PAX run through: plank “bows and toes” style

second: left side plank

third: right side plank


6 MoM

LBC x20

rosalita x10

dolly x10

long slow flutter x10

LBC x10






SHIRTS: Several pax have expressed interest in a F3 shirt – the wait list for the Chapel Hill shirt is HERE, for the Durham shirt is HERE. We’re close to hitting the number needed to make an order on each (minimum of 12 shirts).


Upcoming events:


THE RAM – March 22, 2014 0630
An F3-style March Madness extended workout touring the sites of the UNC campus. This will be in place of the usual Saturday workout and will meet at the Outdoor Education Center at 0630 (note time change). Will last about 90 minutes and will have workouts at 5 different locations.


USMC Mud Run: April 12th in Colombia, S.C. A 6.2 mile, 36-obstacle course.
F3 will be representing by around 500 men in 4-man teams. Some are trying for the “Busted Paw” (first place), others are just going to have a good time. We have 33 Triangle guys signed up, hoping to hit 11-12 teams (44-48 men). Should be a great time.
Cost: $55 to register, $45-55 for a spot to ride on the coach we’ll be renting to take us there and back
How To Get Signed Up: use this link to get on the wait list (if you’re on the list you will be guaranteed a spot).


Tar Heel 10-Miler: April 26th in Chapel Hill. Several pax from the area are planning to meet up and run this mother. When you sign up, choose group “F3 of the Triangle”. Meetup info will be forthcoming from Enron (event Q).


THE RESURGENCE – May 10, 2014 0700
F3 Durham/Chapel Hill is planning a special workout on Saturday, May 10 at 0700. This is meant to be an FNG (friendly new guy) friendly workout that we should have 30+ guys attend. If you haven’t been to a workout before, or haven’t been in a while, this would be a great one to start with. Same great location at Old Chapel Hill Park with coffee afterwards. Put it on your schedule and invite an FNG, or come for the first time yourself!