My creative juices were flowing last night, it’s just too bad YHC didn’t read Yosef’s BB from Kenny’s Grave(and Fartsacked) otherwise I’d have realized Sweet 16 was a common theme.  None the less we rolled out 1 min ahead of scheduled kick at 5:44.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Lap around the parking lot

Not usually late(that role is reserved for Tardy) Peak Week came barreling in at 5:46 with FNG in tow.  After a set of 15 SSHs(should have been 16 to go with theme) YHC gave the disclaimer and we were back in the workout.

16 X Imperial Walkers, 16 X Good Mornings, 16 X Merkins

Jog down to the lower fields to the hill.  16 Hills with 16 LBCs at the top and 16 Reverse LBCs at the bottom.  That’s 256 of each for you math wizards.

Jog back up the the Tennis courts.  16 sprints across the 4 courts. At the end of the run on one side 16 Prisoner Squats and on the other side 16 merkins.  128 of each exercise.

Mozey on over to the wall for 16 Inverted Mountain Climbers.

COT:  Quick Name O’rama and we welcomed Tim Catlett, Peak Week’s neighbor to the pax.  Since Tim is Peak Week’s neighbor and a friendly one at that Key West suggested Flanders.  It was quickly seconded and found even more appropriate when we found out he’s a minister.  Welcome Flanders!!  We discussed the upcoming Ruck in the Fall, sounds like there might be 3-5 interested.  Still a couple days to get into the Mud Run.  Yosef thanked the Pax for the continued prayers for he and his wife, he also asked for continued prayers for some friends and their baby who has been battling illness and in and out of the hospital.  Flanders took us home with a mighty prayer!

Always Blessed to lead you men in the gloom!