Another day of high humidity and sweat…. 4 showed up early because 45 minutes just isn’t enough these days. 9 total for the sweat shop…no FNGs.


Out the entrance and run down Edwards Mill to Stough Elementary School.

IW x 10, Windmill x 10, Sir Fazio arm circles x 15 L/R.

The Thang

Partner up…. Partner 1 AMRAP burpees while partner 2 runs the loop. 100 burpees total.

Run from Stough to Parklake Ave.

Indian run – group of 5 and group of 4 – towards Glen Eden. Stop at the base of last hill.

7’s up the hill and back – LBCs and burpees

Run to the park entrance and snake our way up to the basketball courts.

Sprint the basketball court x 2… 5 burpees

Sprint the basketball court x 2…. 10 burpees

Head to the parking lot for Mary

Box-cutters x 20, WWII situps x 10, WWII w/ v-ups x 10… done.

Bull Horn took us out with a great prayer.

Announcements – July 4 convergence at NCMA 7am. Sign up to Q.

Prayer requests – Bull Horn’s father – pray for strength and support; Joe – my friend continues his recovery and it will be a long road – pray for healing and support.


  • It got real quite at the announcement of 100 burpees…. pretty much sucked after that
  • T-claps to the four that did the pre-run… MaGruber, Java, Captain Kangaroo, Papercut

Always a pleasure.