20 men came out this am. We had a rowdy group led by our mumblechatter leader, Burt. Once Grease arrived we were off.

Jog to the nicest pocket park in Cary replete with a  fountain. 15x good mornings, 15x mtn climbers, 12x merkens, 10x SF arm circles. Partner up. P1 bearcrawl the length of the grass. P2 darkens. Flapjack. 10x down the line for plank hold. Repeato on the P1 BC and P2 Derkens. Flapjack. Plankhold down the line 10x a man.

Follow YHC to the deck (its been quite some time and YHC thought it time to head back to a favorite locale. P1 stair suicides up the 3 flights. P2 jog around and bearcrawl half way up each deck ramp. P1- LBC’s until P2 arrives. Flapjack. Repeato. Follow YHC down the ramp and to the side hill. Partner wheelbarrows to top of hill. Flapjack. And repeat (Grease loved this). Head to bottom of the deck stairwell. P1 stair suicides and P2 American Hammers. Flapjack. 10x 6 inch leg hold around the group.

Jog to rail spot by town hall. 15x Australian pullups oyo. Jog back to start and time for partner wheelbarrows and flapjack.

COT. Fine work today men. Good number came out.