8 PAX met at Tobacco Road for Supersets


Jog over to the Soccer Field, sideline line-up
Karaoke across and back
High knees across, High heels back
Side hops across and back
Backwards run across, Forwards run back to center circle

THE THANG: Supersets

All Merkin / Leg exercises single count. All Crunch / Ab exercises IC. All PAX lead exercises rotating clockwise around the circle. No resting in between sets!

Center circle soccer field…

[Merkin / Crunch Superset:
Repeat 5 cycles of:
– 10 Merkins
– 10 LBCs
– 10 Wide-arm Merkins
– 10 LBFCs
– 10 Diamond-grip Merkins
– 10 Crunchy Frogs]

Exit soccer field. Sprint around the 0.25 mile ‘peanut loop’. Circle up…

[Leg / Ab Superset:
Repeat 5 cycles of:
– 20 Squat jumps
– 20 Heels to Heaven
– 20 Jump lunges
– 20 Flutter kicks
– 20 Tuck Jumps
– 20 Russian Hammers]

MARY: Been there done that…




Murph Challenge Memorial Day WE: http://crossfitdurham.com/murph-challenge-2016/ (Bushwood and Chef Tell are signed up for this)

Next Wednesday (May 25) Bushwood and Coco co-Q a BUDS (Seal training) workout at Ramses. No HoP – Durham men head to Chapel Hill for this.

The Crawl this Sat (May 21) @F3Southwake CSAUP (rucks and beer money) this weekend http://f3nation.com/2016/04/07/the-crawl/

22 Mile ATT Beer Ruck (TBD): http://doodle.com/poll/k4rizngticv8rqx2

Prayer Requests:

Sweats and Chef Tell are in the final week/s awaiting the birth of 2.0s. Prayer for Ms and healthy delivery.

Always great to see you men in gloom!