Pulled into Action Park this AM to some soggy grounds and a light drizzle.  New Mexico has been mixing up the site QIC over the past weeks so it was Banana Seat’s turn to take the reigns.  The PAX didn’t know what was in store for them but after seeing the tennis courts when we pulled in, I knew it would get sloppy.  We had 11 PAX ready to start hump day without ponchos.

Take off for 2 laps around the tennis courts then onto the wet courts.

Warm up
SSH x25
Mtn Climber merkins x20
Plank jacks x20

The Thang
Partner Suicides
Team 1 Bear crawl to mid 1st court then backward bear crawl, again to end of 1st court and back, again to mid 2nd court and back
Team 2 Squat jumps until partner gets back
Team 1 Crab walk suicide just like Bear crawl
Team 2 Al Gore
Team 1 Sprint suicide to end of each court (all 4)
Team 2 Burpees

Something New
Lieutenant Dan crawl – drag yourself across 2 courts without using your legs (audible to Spider-Man crawl if needed)
Partner Balls merkins – like stationary wheelbarrow but press partners ankles up vertical to your shoulders, assisted handstand x10, rinse and repeat
Clock merkins 12, 9, 6, 3
Rock Curls x25 Rock overhead triceps x25, R&R x15

Fence leg lifts x10 (PAX had difficulty on this newbie)
Heels to heaven x20
Windshield wipers x25
Slow LBCs x25

Announcements: The Crawl this Saturday at 4 PM (poncho or no poncho), F3 dads camp Saturday morning in Raleigh
Prayers: Moonshine interview and personal issues, PAX we haven’t seen in a while, those recovering

Today was a soaker workout. PAX got a early morning unscheduled bath. It’s the Soggy Bottom Boys. Good pain in the rain!