Nothing fancy. Nothing crazy. Just lots of traditional kettle bell work, with a little running recovery, on a gloomy, rainy day. Partners for most of the thang. Iron sharpening iron.

No FNGs, but several Blitz virgins (Papercut, Deliverance, 90210, think those were the 3). Kotters to 90210. Welcome back to Raleigh. Disclaimer given during warm-up, and after our first KB exercise, which reminded YHC: Use your legs. Use your core. Keep your head up. Your back straight. Focus on form.

Fast mosey down to the bball court, circle up
Good Mornings x10
Goblet Squats x15
Single-Arm, Single-Leg Deadlift x10 (L/R)
Alt Single-Arm Swings x20
Overhead Press x15
Alt Single-Arm Swings x20
Single-Arm, Single-Leg Deadlift x10 (L/R)
Goblet Squats x15
SSH x20

Thang 1
Partner up
P1:  Run loop up stairs, around and back down ramp
P2:  AMRAP Alt Cleans x5 (L/R)
Flap – Squat Hold > Plank > Repeat x10ish
P1:  Run loop
P2:  AMRAP Chest Press Flutter Kicks
Flip – Plank > Nipplers x20
P1:  Run loop
P2:  AMRAP Squat to Press
Flop – Squat Hold > Squat Jump x15
P1:  Run loop
P2:  AMRAP Squat to High Pull
Flap – Plank > Swiss Merkins x20

Thang 2
Mosey over to the track for partner chase
P1:  Farmers Walk w/ both bells
P2:  5 Burpees, catch partner
Chillcut > Makhtars x20

Head up to wall – PC & BTW interlude
Curl to Overhead Press x15
Run loop again
Alt Single-Arm Bent Rows x15 (L/R)
Run loop one last time
Six Inch Leg Hold w/ 5 count around the horn

Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayers, WOD

Word of the Day
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

Such a simple idea. We understand the benefit of rubbing two blades together; the edges become sharper, making them more efficient in their tasks of cutting and slicing. So it is the same when two men, or a group, gather to get stronger. As we push one another, we sharpen one another. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I think it also shines a light on our need for fellowship with one another. And it’s this craving for positive relationships, that drives us to post over, and over. Aye!


  • Quagmire kept order, but Encroachment thought it was bad call. Gnard passed out bells from the back of his Prius like a dealer with free samples, saying “try it brother, you’ll be back for more”. Pepe ran the wrong way and won, while Burgundy gave a man-on-the-street report, and looked great doing it. Tiger Beat ran faster. Red Dog served veggies to everyone and we liked it, but wanted more corn. Joule did the math and concluded that we should all go to DC for Memorial Day, “It’ll be fun”. Fazio, Tuck and Deliverance made grilled cheese sandwiches. 90210 drove all the way in from GA (that’s actually true). And Papercut…holy cow! Man, you just had to be there.
  • It was great to have 90210 back in the Raleigh gloom with us. The man has been tearing up the roads, bridges and causeways of Jekyll and St Simons. And I look forward to running the hills of the Blue Ridge with you. But, as you well know, it’s going to be a little steeper than southern GA.
  • The cheese was strong this morning, and I thank you gents for posting. Mr. Hand had a doctors note, thus his absence was excused. For those other cheese heads who didn’t make it, we picked your legs. Good luck!
  • T-Claps to Tiger Beat for continuing to work through a Blitz with more running than normal. He was doing Freddies, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Mtn Climbers, you name it. Not being able to do one thing should never stop you from doing another. Good work brother.
  • Also happy to report that I burned Deliverance at his own game. Now, my jig dancing buddy, you know how it feels to be on the other end of a Squat-to-Plank-o-rama. Changing up the speed as we shifted, and I hear an “awe man!” as he changed before the call. Gottcha!
  • Lots of solid work from everyone. And at least 75% attendance at coffee afterwards. Did you know there’s this place called Starbucks that serves coffee all day. There is. Fazio was impressed.

Thank you all for posting. Good stuff.