Even Pax = Run Odd Pax = Mud aka bootcamp
With 16 of F3’s finest in attendance the path was set.

Take a right out of the lot and run down to the stop sign.
Faster pax turn around and bring up the rear.

Once collected we…

The Warm Up:
SSH x 20 IC
GM x 10 IC
WM x 10 IC
Deconstructed Burpee x 5

The Thang:
Send any pax who didn’t turn around down the road to the McDonalds at Maynard and Cary Towne. All the rest…
Deconstructed Burpee x 10
Plank Hold 10 count around.
Send the rest off to catch up.
Once the pax were assembled again we did…

Send any pax who didn’t turn around down the road to the first stop sign at Walnut. All the rest…
Deconstructed Burpee x 5
Burpee x 10
Send the rest of the pax off to the stop sign and then turn around to bring up the rear.
This time stop at the last pax and do 10 M’uricans every time you catch up to them again.
Once we were assembled again we counted off for…

Wind Sprints in the parking lot x 16

Mosey back to the start point.
Once we were assembled again we….

Backwards lap around the parking lot.


LBC x 1 IC
AH x 1 IC
HD x 1 IC
Rosalita x 1 IC
H2M x 1 IC

That’s all folks.

Strava flyby


F3 Dads this Sat.
South Wake Pub Crawl/Ruck/Workout this Sat.
Briar Creek evening Ruck this Fri. evening
Sign up for Q spots or halfsies.

Prayer Concerns:

McCants – Mother with a Son who is dealing with mental illness.
Shut-In – I’m failing to remember at the moment.


Grease Monkey lead us in prayer


Going to officially change this up (not that it matters to anyone but YHC)
Even = Bootcamp Odd = Run
It just makes more sense.

Lot of fast guys this morning.
I mean really. Everybody hates running and yet everyone is hauling mucho asso.

Largemouth seemed glad that he didn’t miss out on running at Endorphin.