7 PAX reported for more spring training at Field of Dreams

Jog to baseball, circle up for Warm up

GM x 20, Sir Fazio – x20, SSH x20, Imperial walker x20, Windmill x20

Run around 2 baseball fields – to baseball by upper parking lot

Super 21

Merkin/Situp – If you don’t know what this is – read about it in the lexicon – and then realize it in 3x as difficult as it sounds.

After Super 21 – 1-11 – 20 dips – just for variety

After Super 21 – 12-16

Route 66 up and back in the upper parking lot – stopping every 6 lane lines for squats increasing from 1-11

Bear crawl – from island to curb

Wheel of Merkin x5

Repeat 2x the bear crawl – without merkin wheel

Jog over to outfield fence and pick a spot for

Peoples chair o rama

Regular – 10 count down the line for each exercise

Right leg up

Regular Arms in the Air

Left leg up

Arms straight out


Back to the baseball

Super 21 – 17-19

Start run back – stopping half way for Super 21 – #20

Finish run – at original baseball – finish with Super 21 – #21

That’s 231 merkins and situps if you are keeping score home


COT – Announcements – convergence – Saturday March 7th – Pullen Park, Sign up for Q at FOD

Prayer requests – Continued recovery for Goose’s son