a Pax of 19 able bodies showed up to post and excited that ice did not have to navigated through.  YHC was not feeling super creative and decided to copy the Greenville workout from Saturday, with a couple of tweaks that will go back into the pile of “needs work”. Lets get to it:


SSH x20, Mountain Climbers x15, Good Mornings x10, Imperial Walkers x10, Merkins x10

the Thang:

partner up in groups of 3. partner 1 starts at the top of the hill by the parking deck, and does burpees. Partner 2 at the bottom of the hill doing squats, and partner 3 is running between the two. When partner 3 reaches partner 1, they switch off, and partner 1 runs down the hill, and so on. Goal was to get to 100 burpees collectively (note: this format did not work well as envisioned, and may have to be either tabled or tweaked. Note 2: BoxJump showed off his co-Qing skills by putting the speedy guys through a series of planks and burpees while everybody else finished up)


same groups, but this time doing merkins at the top and star jumps at the bottom, but Bear Crawling up the hill, and running down (that was a fun twist)


Into the deck for Balls to wall x20, spiderman merkins x15, peoples chair x10; Repeato

Next, run around the block making a stop at all four corners for merkins x10, diamond merkins x10, wide grip merkins x10, merkins x10


SEVENS with burpees at the top and star jumps at the bottom. run up the hill and Bear Crawl down (note: bear crawling down a hill is infinitely harder than going up. Just sayin…)


LBC’s x20

WWII situps x20

Russian Hammer x25

Naked Moleskin:

Mud Run on April 11th. Sign up if you haven’t already. Wendell Gee is already starting to get nervous about it.

Bull Horn took us out.