Shovel flag was planted for the PAX of 18 at Shelley Lake as the crew celebrated F3 Raleigh turning 3 today. A popular movie turned 50 this week and one cheerlful song will not leave my head…so here are a few of my favorite things.

The Thang

Brisk jog across the dam to open field

C.O.P : SSH x 20, Spiderman Merkins x 15, Windmill x 20, Spiderman Merkins x 15, Good Mornings x 20

Line up near path facing the woods

Sprint to the edge and back, get in Low Plank Hold position …. 5 times through

Walking the Plank to the Right x 20, Walking the Plank to the Left x 20

Spring to the edge and back, get in Low Plank Hold position ….. 5 times through

Plank-A-Rama : Plank Jacks x 20, Shoulder Taps x 15, Nipplers x 15, TD Curl Left x 15, TD Curl Right x 15, Chilcutt Hold x 15, Low Plank Hold x 15

10 Burpees OYO and then run to base of dam, grab a rock

Curls x 15, Military Press x 15, Tricep Press x 15….take your rock to the top of the hill

Right Hand of Rock Merkins x 15, Left Hand on Rock x 15….go to bottom of the hill, 10 derkins and return

Curls x 15, Squats with Rock Above Head x 15…..go to bottom of the hill, 10 Derkins and return

Military Press x 15, TriCep Press x 15….go to bottom the hill with rock, 10 derkins and return

Diamond Merkins on Rock x 15, CDD on Rock x 15, Merkins x 10…..take rock down hill to pile, AMRAP Burpees till together and return to the top of the dam

Sprint to the Parking Lot….AMRAP Jump Ups till all are done. That is all.

COT with shared verses from He Leadeth Me, Zima took us out in prayer

Naked Moleskin:

-True Grit moved to 5:30 months ago, Au Pair missed the memo and showed up late. ManRam blames communication issue on inactive twitter account. #lostpassword

-Today F3 Raleigh turned 3, T-claps to the handful that showed up in the rain that morning and then in turn cranked up what we have now. Next Monday will be the 46th workout in the lineup here in Triangle, incredible growth from humble beginnings. Thank guys like Big Sproles, Wendell Gee, Conroy, CK & HOWARD when you see them next, hopefully all will be there Saturday as we celebrate. Howard drove through an ice storm in February of 2012 to post at Big Hair Monday in Charlotte to check out F3. His initiative lead to the first workout. He will replicate the first workout at 6am Saturday, see details on the website.

-Order the new The Arena shirt with an awesome design! Access through this link:. The next workout at The Healing Place is March 13th @ 2:30pm.

-F3Connect meets tomorrow at Player’s Retreat, Rice Krispies is the speaker. Sign up!

Eastbound and Down launches Monday, March 9th @ 5:30am. Eastgate Park on Quail Hollow road is the location, Blue Crush & Box Jump are the Site Qs.

-Prayers for Encroachment’s neighbor who lost their home last weekend, prayers for Cherie Berry’s daughter, prayers for those unspoken.