We won’t do the Army Physical Fitness Test every month, because it’s just not that great of a workout compared to the punishing 45 minutes of glory that is F3.  It was good, though, to benchmark where we are and to figure out what we each need to work on.

The test (two minutes max push-ups, two minutes max sit-ups, and a two-mile run for time) is curved depending on one’s age.  We had young bucks (27) as well as more seasoned warriors (47) in the mix this morning, but we all did pretty darn well.  The Army requires soldiers to reach a minimum of 180 points on a 300-point scale in order to graduate from Advanced Infantry Training and gives a special badge to those who get above 270 points.  Our scores ranged from the 230s to the 290s this morning, and three PAX would have earned the physical fitness patch.  Aye!  Maybe we will try this thing again in the summer and see if we can’t take it up a notch.

Posted on behalf of Assisi