YHC got nervous late Tuesday night when word had been spread that I would jump into Lake Benson if 20 guys were to show at #GettinTheRuns.  I am a man of my word but I had that uneasy feeling when I saw the temps were going to be close to 10.  YHC even packed a towel and some spare clothes just in case but with the Qswap week I may have dodged a bullet. There is a certain pride when you get to work and you let everybody know, “Yup, layered up and worked out this morning again”.  This morning we had 4 PAX, probably the most impressive would be the fact that Bloodsport did his own workout while trying to find us.  With Pickin N Grinnin geared up and Darby with the pup ready to go the PAX started #GettinTheRuns.

The Thang (Objective is to stay moving):

Warm up in the parking lot waiting for any last minute stragglers. Jogging butt kickers, high knees, skips

PAX run to Lake Benson Park, Catch me if you can around the outer loop including the trail x5 Burpees each time partner catches you. Meet back at the top of Lake Benson Park.  We even looped by the Lake access to check the conditions of the lake which looked like an ice rink.

Meet back at top for some 11’s: Lunges and Plank Jacks with 50 yard run between each.

PAX run back to the flag where we met up with Bloodsport who had done some OYO running and merkins.

COT: Continue to pray for the PAX, accountability, Labrat and his family, Ben’s rehab, Crab Legs, Stretch’s M’s Grandma coming home after brain surgery soon.

Announcements: Run Ranger Run coming up soon! Qswap week coming up and continued discussion of a possible Clayton AO!

Great work guys!