12 PAX were treated to a crisp Spring morning for some pain before breakfast, formation-running style.


40 SSH

12 Good mornings

10×2 Sir Fazio Arm Circles

Indian run (0.85 miles) from AO to intersection Creedmoor Road, stop at first station. The PAX posted in an elevated plank line, all holding the plank position while five Derkins made their way down the line (from left to right) while the remainder of the line held the plank (to passersby, this would have looked like a beginner’s piano lesson played on keys made of middle-aged males). 20 Squats; 20 dying cockroach, then reverse the human keyboard with 5 Urkins down the line.

Indian run (0.25 miles) to next station. 20 Partner Derkins (each), 20 star jumps, 20 count Freddy Mercury.

Indian run (0.35 miles) to next station, where the PAX encountered the fabled Rangecrest Drive from the opposing side. Midway through Rangecrest, the PAX stopped to reconnoiter the view and take a standing ten count, when, by unpopular request, Man Ram volunteered to lead a rep of a game he called Teeter Totter. Partner 1 ran to the base of the hill while Partner 2 Mary’d boxcutters AMRAP until Partner 1 returned, flapjack. For the slower amongst us, this was slightly awful, but good initiative on his part.

The Pax broke Indian Run formation and returned (0.65 miles) at fellowship pace to the point and place of the beginning, for recovery in the People’s Chair, BTTW (down the line 10 count), and finished with a set of People’s Chair (down the line 10 count).

The Pax proceeded to a final station for two sprints of the soccer field (for future reference, fields were in great shape) and finished for Mary of 40 LBCs (10 isos for each side), 20 LSFs. ENDEX.

TCLAPS to Paper Cut for following Man Ram’s example of reducing his carbon footprint by using his own footprints to get to the AO this a.m. This is a guilt-inducing precedent, but it’s also the way you sharpen iron; nice work, gentlemen. Note has recently been made of this AO’s median seniority, so I decided to post a video.

Mayhem announced that the Second Empire 5k is this weekend; 2.0-friendly inflatables to follow. Prayers were offered for two family members of the F3 brotherhood undergoing health concerns. Strong work and strong fellowship; there was a great group at The Crucible this morning.