My dinner at Ma Bell’s house Saturday: three hamburgers, two hot dogs, chips and bean dip, mac-n-cheese, banana pudding, a couple of brews, and a whole lot of grazing.

My Sunday: Ugh.

My Monday: Time to run it off. Let’s go for a stroll around the lake.

Warmup: Jog in (thanks Cheddar Bo), Karaoke, SSH, Mountain Climbers, SIH

Thang: Run around the lake and back to the gate. Pit stops for Freddie Mercury’s, Bear Crawls, Merkins, LBCs, Wheelbarrows up the dam, Billy runs, Low Slow Flutters, Wide Grip Merkins, American Hammers, Partner Carry, Makhtar Ndiayes, Sprint intervals, Lil man jumping jacks, WWIIs, Freddie Mercury’s.

COT. Shout out to Old Maid who is running the Boston Marathon, M Sputnik who is defending her thesis, and May 17 Healing Transitions event.