Tough to find new ideas so here are a few golden oldies from my old Qs. Rolled into one.

Mosey over to the open space near the school.

Warm up – SSH, Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers

Set of Elevens. At the top of the stairs Merkin to Lunges at the bottom, swings.

Lap around track. Partner up.

Each groupĀ is responsible for 100 of a set. In the meantime the other partner is running to the top of the stairs and doing an exercise.

  1. Goblet Squats – 10 Diamond Merkins – Bear Crawl down
  2. Curls – Bunny hop up – 10 Monkey Humpers
  3. Flutter Kicks with Ruck Over head – 10 Diamond Merkins – Bear Crawl Down
  4. Squat to High Pulls – 10 Diamond Merkins – Bear Crawl Down

Group moseys over to Basketball Court.

Do the Pendulum.

One partner Farmer Carries to other side. Parter does AMRAP of exercise.

When Partner gets back they flap jack and the other partner runs and retrieves the bells.

I called out the exercises.

Hand release merkins, dying cockroach, jump squats, Swiss merkins, Star jumps

Warm down with some Mary. 20 times Bear Crunch and 15 times Scuba Buddhas.

No New Announcements. Look out for info on Third F Dinner and last Saturday in April N2N Flag Football tourney. 8:30 am

Prayer Request: McGruber had three friends all suffering with terminal or very serious illness. Prayers for them and their families. He also took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead,

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